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Norpro sauce master replacement parts

Norpro met de la fraîcheur dans votre été! La saison estivale est synonyme de soleil, de temps chaud et, surtout, de rafraîchissement! Assurez-vous de profiter ...

However, manual cutting also means practicing patience, especially when you’re cutting for espressos. Though a cup of pour-over coffee may not take longer than a minute, cutting for an espresso may take you about 7 account to get the perfect texture. But then again, this is an inconvenience common to all manual grinders.

Norpro grip-ez

Sep 10, 2015 ... Blog-Licensing-Avila ... The folks at Norpro agreed almost immediately after the idea was pitched to them and licensed Aubrey's idea.

Pepper Popper Pan Debuts at the International Home Housewares Show

Handground Precision Coffee Grinder is calmly the best hand grinder on the market. Everything from its price to functionality and durability has a solid balance – ensuring the best bang for your buck.


With the help of the useful and sturdy Norpro Ceramic Compost Crock, you can store vegetable peels, egg shells, clippings, and more as you prepare to take ...

New Norpro Licensing Deal for Kenny Orr!

“Don’t give up!” Aubrey tells inventors looking for that first deal, “For me it’s taken adamantine work, patience and persistence. Inventing is like raising children, it’s fun, it’s challenging, some canicule you adulation every second of it and other canicule end in tears, but you accumulate at it because you adulation it! Just like parenting, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding. And you hope that this little abstraction you gave birth to, will grow into something fabulous one day, and you can accelerate it out into the world, and it will be successful.”    

Norpro steamer juicer

Norpro, Inc. Category. tabletop, kitchen essentials + accents. 2215 Merrill Creek Pkwy Everett WA 98203-5899 *** Email general company ...

Aubrey initially submitted her idea to the Edison Nation ASOTV chase , where it was called for testing and awarded a G8. Unfortunately, following testing, the idea did not meet the criteria required to push to retail launch on the platform. But as you know, the Edison Nation team does not give up in our efforts to find the best path of commercialization. The product idea was transferred to the Licensing Team and they found a home for it with Norpro.


Bake cookies, pastries, biscuits and rolls, pizza, tater tots and fries, or use to reheat hot sandwiches. Full sides all around also allow this pan to be used for jelly ...

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Handground Precision Coffee Grinder is an ideal machine for any coffee enthusiast looking for premium quality grounds. Even the components of the machine boast quality, and manage to put your constancy worries to rest. It absolutely is the best hand grinder I’ve come across.

Norpro apple peeler

Second idea licensed to Norpro, Congratulations Aubrey Avila! September 10, 2015 13 Comments Michelle 1 min read. Edison Nation Innovation News ...

Second idea licensed to Norpro, Congratulations Aubrey Avila!

Thank You Aubrey for keeping me mentally thinking I am still in the (waiting) game. As a previous Ironman and Marathoner I accept mastered the keeping moving forward component. But the emotional ups and downs of the patenting process, meeting new customers and now with the lack of sleep is very grueling. Of advance you just had to accept all the fun once again. Which I could see that happing to me as well. You are an amazing role model for us and your family. You Go Girl!

Norpro cookie scoops

Products 1 - 24 of 68 ... $24.99. Norpro® Stainless Steel Cake/Pizza Lifter. Free Shipping on Orders Over $39. Compare. Norpro® Stainless Steel Pancake Batter ...

Second idea licensed to Norpro, Congratulations Aubrey Avila!

As a busy mom, Aubrey Avila is always looking for ways to simplify everyday tasks. When she was experimenting with a new type of dessert and found it difficult to make, she saw a challenge, got to work on a ancestor and did not stop until she perfected it. The folks at Norpro agreed almost immediately after the idea was pitched to them and licensed Aubrey’s idea.

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